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Custom Sports Program

If your have an organization or company that is looking for a sports program for your members or employees as a way to offer them a healthy activity, then our Custom Sports Program is worth considering. 

Our sports are safe, easy to learn & play and does not require any sport specialization or experience.  Regardless of the skill level, age or ability our new sports are exciting and fun for all.


This program is custom designed to best suit the level of engagement an organization or company wants to offer its members or employees.  The typical program consists of a series of one-hour weekly sessions over a period of time (month, quarter etc.).  However, an organization or company can also choose to host a tournament, fundraising event or just offer a single social night out as a way for members or employees/ clients to get to know each other better.

No experience is required to play our sports and Premier Sports Leagues can provides the gym rental, all the equipment and instructor/referee to help facilitate the sports program


  • design and facilitate a sports program, event or tournament that best suits your members or employees
  • provide players a demonstration of sports techniques and basic rules of play then take them through a series of warm up and simple drills to help them get accustomed to the fundamentals of passing, shooting and ball handling to help them feel more comfortable with the equipment
  • create regular teams or mix players each session, then play a series of FUN games
  • oversee each game and adjust teams to level the playing field and better manage the flow/ competitiveness and safety of the games
  • help members or employees to become better skilled and enjoy the sport more in the process

To learn more check out Sports Programs FAQ

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